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Setting Up A Group Account

If you are purchasing an online course for one employee or more than one employee you are in the right place.

Here are the steps:

1. Register yourself as a user
2. Choose a course from the list below
3. Select how many seats that you need for your team
4. During the purchase process, you can choose to label your group.  This is optional.
5. Once your purchase is complete you will have access to a group management page where you can then enroll you and/or your team members in the course.

  • Can I enter my team member’s info during the purchase process?
  • Will my team member be notified of their enrollment?
  • Is there a certificate of completion?
  • Can I take the exam again if I fail?

No.  After the purchase is complete you will be able to enter your team member’s info on your group management page. 

Yes.  You will have the option on your group management page to enter their name and email address. Note: The name you enter will be the one that appears on their certificate of completion

Yes. Once a user has passed the course a certificate will be emailed to them automatically.  Their certificate will also be available on their user profile.

Yes. You will be able to take the exam again.

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