2024 – Fair Housing and Senior Living

Senior housing presents unique challenges to the fair housing community. We want our senior residents to be treated fairly and cared for properly. To do this requires the right training to learn how fair housing laws affect your policies and procedures. The Fair Housing Institute has carefully created the right training that has a proven track record of helping you and your staff ensure you follow the best practices and avoid costly and time-consuming fair housing complaints.

Languages - English

Training Time: 30 minutes - 10 Question Exam and Certificate of Completion 

  • Introduction
  • Housing discrimination
  • Applicant screening/admissions
  • Reasonable accommodations/modifications
  • Transfer policies
  • Scooter policies
  • Failing health
  • Death of a tenant
Fair Housing Institute FHI · January 1, 2024
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Course Includes

  • 2 Lessons
  • Course Certificate