Viviendas Justas Para Profesionales del Mantenimiento 2021

Maintenance personnel and service staff are often the front lines of customer service in the community.  With hundreds of fair housing complaints every year starting with these staff members, it is crucial that they receive appropriate training.  In this course, we go over how to recognize a potential fair housing situation, proper reporting, documentation, customer service, and many more important topics.  This is also the perfect course for on-site vendors and contractors throughout the housing industry. Training Time: 1 hour – 15 Question Exam and Certificate of Completion

  • Introduction to the Fair Housing Act
  • Introduction to protected classes
  • Common fair housing issues that arise in maintenance
  • What is discrimination?
  • Compliance best practices
  • The what and why of frequently asked questions

Fair Housing For Maintenance Professionals Syllabus

FHI Team · September 23, 2021

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