Fair Housing In A Flash 2021

Our refresher fair housing course is designed to cover the most critical fair housing topics in a shorter course format.  This is ideal for training in between certification years, refreshing employees on the information and the importance of fair housing practices, and training housing employees that may only need a foundational understanding of the law. Languages – English and Spanish Training Time: 1 hour -20 Question Exam and Certificate of Completion

  • Fair Housing Road Map of the Rental Process
  • Marketing
  • Meeting, Greeting, and Taking Prospects on Tours
  • Screening
  • Process Lease Violations and Terminations
  • Familial Status and Disability
  • Familial Status issues
  • Disability Rights

A refresher of the above topics and more Fair Housing In A Flash Syllabus 

FHI Team · September 23, 2021

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  • 2 Lessons
  • Course Certificate